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Product Overview

Many POS programmes have been criticised for being too difficult to understand; that it requires a considerable amount of training to understand it which takes up valuable trading time.

Now Semtek has designed a Point of Sale programme that does not require an engineering degree or an MI5 trained code breaker to understand it. Semtek s POS is easy to use and requires no previous experience in the use of similar software. Even more so there is no need for experience in prior use of computers or even in running a shop.

However, do not be fooled by the simplicity of use. Semtek s POS has all the necessary features required for the successful running of a business. Semtek s programme allows you to set prices, report on product popularity and sale frequency, allows you to view and print a variety of reports, stores your financial data (for which your accountant will bless you) and many other user friendly features. The interface is extremely user friendly and the programme works with all operating systems, even the most up to date like Windows Vista. Semtek s POS can  be used on a network and will not hang up when the network is down, allowing each cashing station to be used independently as well as within the framework of a network.

  • Analyse sales, customers and VAT collected
  • Works with your EPOS peripherals
  • Maintain a stock list
  • Alerts to upsell opportunities at point of sale
  • Get accurate information about business performance
  • Process sales quickly

Whether you're already running a retail business, or are about to get started, processing sales is a fundamental part of the business.

Although a cash register can do the job, it has its limitations. Semtek Point of Sale can turn a standard PC into something with a lot more functionality than a simple cash register. With a few key strokes Semtek Point of Sale enables you to:

  • Process transactions
  • Maintain a stock list
  • Manage customers
  • Add peripherals

Semtek Point of Sale contains Setup Assistants to help you start trading as soon as possible.

Ideal if you...

  • Run a small or medium-sized retail business